No Air

Imagine yourself lying on the beach. You are comfortably placed on a towel, and surrounded by beautiful white sand. There is a nice cool breeze, and you can hear the crashing of the ocean. Imagine feeling the nice warm sun against your skin, and hearing the ice rattle around in people’s glasses as they sip … More No Air


“It’s nothing to write home about.” Looking at those words, as I typed them just now, LITERALLY turned my stomach. Why? Oh sorry, I’m not asking myself why it turned my stomach…I know the answer to that question.  I am asking why did I ever feel the need to muster those words. Why did I … More Guilt

A Complete Picture

It’s been 49 days since my last post. No, I am not dead, in the hospital, or physicially unable to post. I wish there was a great reason for my absence, like I was enjoying my new found remission, but there really is none. I could say it’s because of my grief due to the … More A Complete Picture