I Told You!

“I told you something was wrong”. Six simple words…straight forward words, yet very powerful. Those six simple words haunt me and send chills down my spine. Simply typing those words gave me chills. Those six simple words constantly interrupt my thoughts, and the sound of my voice whispering those words plays on a constant loop … More I Told You!

Judge Not

Dear Pharmacy Technician, I wish this was a letter to praise you on great customer service, but it’s not. I have drafted this letter over 5 times, and each time it ends the same way. No matter how nice I start it, the letter quickly goes down hill. Now, before you get all nervous and … More Judge Not

Life Going Forward

Someone recently asked me to blog about how do I live with Crohn’s and the other chronic illnesses that I have. Specifically, they wanted to know what life looks like going forward now that I have seemingly accepted my diagnoses. That was a very interesting question…a challenging question. I wanted to take a few days … More Life Going Forward

Let’s Sip Tea

Friends, long time no blog…right? As you know I was in the hospital for 6 days.  While I am over the moon to be home, recovery has been slow.  Since being in the hospital was such a downer, I thought I would make my first post hospital blog a fun one. You know, keep it … More Let’s Sip Tea

In The Hospital

Hey peeps!!! This blog will be brief. I know it has been a few days since my last post…sorry about that. While I have a lot to say and share, I am currently in the hospital battling a Crohn’s flare.  But, I hope to get back to writing you soon.  So, for now, we will … More In The Hospital