Mental Health Friday #5

I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to have my blog “Not So Nice To Meet You” featured on Randoms By A Random for Mental Health Friday!! Thank you so much Ameena for this opportunity! Check it out at

Randoms by a Random


Imagine receiving a surprise invite to an amazing dinner at the most exclusive restaurant in your city. You know, one of those invite only establishments. The dinner is for the “who’s who” of the world…but somehow you received an invite. Excited about this unbelievable opportunity, you arrive to the dinner early and wearing your best attire. When you walk up to the registration table to find out your seat assignment, you are given an empty name tag. You quickly try to give your hostess your name, but she replies “oh no, names don’t matter here.” Baffled, you scowl and wonder what type of place doesn’t take names. The hostess notices your confused scowl and says “once you put the name tag on, it will display the current state of your mind; and that’s your seat assignment.”

If you had to wear the current state of your mind like a badge…

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3 thoughts

    • I had to comment a second time because this LITERALLY MADE MY DAY!!!! Writing about my journey puts me in a VERY vulnerable position…which is scary because I am a type A control freak. But, comments like yours show me that making myself uncomfortable is worth it if someone (even only 1 person) benefits! Thank you SO MUCH for reading and your words!

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