Sandy…who not why!

Three years ago today, at 5:37pm, my heart was shattered into a million pieces when I lost my hero…my Auntie Sandy. My Auntie Sandy died from complications from Scleroderma…after doctors refused to listen to her pleas for help…and failed to act once they finally listened. Many of you have remarked on how strongly I advocate … More Sandy…who not why!

The Night Before

Twas the night before my upper endoscopy.  All through my house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Well, let me stop right here. I vowed that if I started a blog, I would only type the truth…and can proudly say that has been the case except for the first three sentences of … More The Night Before

You Owe Me Dinner

Listen, we are all adults here. Some of us are happily married, others are in serious committed relationships/partnerships, and some are single and ready to mingle. Regardless of our relationship status at this very moment, we have all dated at some point.  Now, I will confess, it has been quite a while since I was … More You Owe Me Dinner

FACT: 1+0=1

If you had to look a loved one square in the eyes and lie, could you do it? Do you think you would hesitate a bit, or would the lie roll right off your tongue? You’re probably thinking, “it depends on the type of lie we are talking about”, or “it depends on the reason … More FACT: 1+0=1

Mental Health Friday #5

Originally posted on Randoms by a Random:
Imagine receiving a surprise invite to an amazing dinner at the most exclusive restaurant in your city. You know, one of those invite only establishments. The dinner is for the “who’s who” of the world…but somehow you received an invite. Excited about this unbelievable opportunity, you arrive to…

Rules of Survival

It’s Wednesday morning and you are at the office on your PC diligently catching up on e-mails from the holiday weekend. Suddenly, you hear that all too familiar “bing”, signaling you that you have a new email. Frustrated that your morning rhythm has been interrupted, you go to your inbox to see the all important … More Rules of Survival