Simply Thank You!

   Photo credit: chrisinplymouth / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA A few days ago this blog reached a milestone of over 2,000 views. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! There are few words I can type to express how grateful I truly am. So, I will simply say thank you! Thank you for reading, commenting, suggesting topics, sharing the blog, and … More Simply Thank You!

That “N” Word!

   Have you ever thought to yourself “why can’t I be normal for once”? If not, have you ever had someone ask you “why can’t you just be normal for a day”? Still no, well lucky you. I used to spend hours wondering what that would feel like. You know, to just walk amongst everyone … More That “N” Word!

The Right Side Of The Dirt

  Before doing my first methotrexate injection, I researched the medicine on every site I could find. Most people reported severe nausea, vomiting, headaches, extreme fatigue, upset stomach, body aches…pretty much my typical day. So, while most people would’ve been very concerned about the potential side effects and possibly frightened into using a different medicine, … More The Right Side Of The Dirt

My First Time

  Good or bad, you never forget your first.  First times forever hold a special place in your heart and mind. I can remember my first kiss, by Michael Moody in first grade.  I remember my first bike ride, first best friend, and my first love.  I can also remember my first scary movie, my … More My First Time